Legislation: Federal Species at Risk Act (SARA)

The federal Species At Risk Act (SARA) was proclaimed in June 2003 and received royal ascent June 2004. This act protects species in Canada that have been assessed and determined to be at risk of extinction. To view the full SARA click on the image right.

Quick Facts:

  • The Act applies to all species at risk on federal public (crown) land in Canada.
  • The Act also applies to all migratory bird species at risk and all marine species at risk, on all land in Canada.
  • The Act prohibits:
    • killing or disturbing species
    • destroying or disturbing its dwelling place (i.e. habitat)
    • destroying or disturbing critical habitat
  • Prior to development, construction, or alteration of the land; species at risk must be considered

More Information:
For more detailed information on the federal Species at Risk Act in the Atlantic Region please contact the following individuals:

Kevin Davidson
Canadian Wildlife Service, Environment Canada
P.O. Box 6227, 17 Waterfowl Lane
Sackville, New Brunswick
E4L 1G6
Phone: (506) 364-5062
Fax: (506) 364-5062
Email: Kevin.Davidson@ec.gc.ca


Doug Bliss
Environment Canada,
Phone: (506) 364-5048
Email: Doug.Bliss@ec.gc.ca