Habitat Conservation Fund - Priority Activities


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The FUND's goal is to conserve wildlife habitats throughout the Province. The FUND's objectives include: the enhancement of wildlife and wildlife habitats, acquisition of land, research pertaining to wildlife habitats, and education on wildlife habitats.

Current priority activities are organized according to each of the four FUND objectives:

1. Priority Activities for the Enhancement of Wildlife and Wildlife Habitats

  • Projects which conserve wildlife habitat as functioning components of ecosystems to maintain the biological diversity of native species.
  • Projects incorporating wildlife habitat objectives into rural and municipal planning and development.
  • Projects which increase the quality and quantity of urban wildlife habitat.
  • Projects which include wildlife habitat within farmland.
  • Projects which include wildlife habitat within private woodlots.
  • Habitat restoration, enhancement, and management projects.

2. Priority Activities for Land Acquisition

  • Conservation of critical, unique, or high value wildlife habitat through purchase or easement.
  • Acquisition for the maintenance and management of a population of any species of wildlife and wildlife habitats.

3. Priority Activities for Research Pertaining to Wildlife Habitats

  • Alternative methods and approaches to resource development and timber harvesting in forested landscapes, so as to ensure the long-term sustainability of forests as wildlife habitat.
  • Innovative and practical research on habitat and wildlife conservation.
  • Projects which critique provincial, national and international policies impacting wildlife and habitats in Nova Scotia.
  • Design of habitat-related and ecological indicators to monitor the health of habitats and landscapes.

4. Priority Activities for Education on Wildlife Habitats

  • Programs which develop an awareness and appreciation among children and young adults as to the importance of wildlife habitat.
  • Programs which develop an appreciation and understanding of habitat conservation issues among the public and within industry.
  • Programs which encourage private landowners to partner and co-operate in managing wildlife habitat.
  • Education as it pertains to conservation, ethical use of natural resources, and hunting and trapping as an important management tool and recreational activity.

Note that, in general, the Fund does not support:

  • Habitat inventories;
  • Tree planting programs (unless a minor part of a broader habitat conservation project);
  • Fisheries management projects;
  • Projects which are a provincial or federal management responsibility;
  • Capital costs associated with projects (e.g. computers, tablets, ipads, phones), buildings, engineering works, or motorized vehicle acquisition and electronic equipment (e.g. computers, tablets, phones);
  • Requests that indicate that the Fund is being relied upon as ongoing core funding for a program or organization

*Consideration may be given for materials indispensable to project delivery such as trail cameras for studies, educational trailers for mobile displays. If uncertain if an item can be supported by the Fund, please contact the Fund’s administrator.