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Between January 18th and May 31st 2005, the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources conducted a public review of the province’s 26 sanctuaries and wildlife management areas and nine proposed management areas. More than 500 respondents gave overwhelming support for the current and proposed areas and asked for improved protection for wildlife and their habitats. They also requested more protected areas.

The government has responded with four actions that will see the current areas maintained, the new areas designated, upgraded regulations to protect wildlife habitats in most areas and support for a broader process to meet government commitments to work toward a comprehensive system of protected areas.

Links on the left of this page will take you to the Department’s report summarizing public input to the review and detailing the government’s response. As new areas are designated and changes are made to the regulations, they will be available from this site too. Links are also available to the descriptions and regulations for all the sanctuaries and management areas. There is also an historical background of sanctuary development.

Lands in the vicinity of the Chignecto Game Sanctuary have been identified as possible Wilderness Areas. Please refer to this website for further information on this process:

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