Students with Dependants

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The application process for students with dependants of their own is exactly the same as it is for all students. Your application will automatically be assessed for all our grants, including those grants that are specifically designed to help students with dependants.

There are are a few policy and program differences for students with dependants. Here is some information of special interest to students with dependants.

  • If your children live with you (i.e. you are the custodial parent) they will be automatically included in our assessment of your total living costs while you attend school. We calculate living costs the same way for every student, based on their family size, location, and distance from school. You do not need to supply us with receipts. The living expenses of children who live with you part-time will be considered for the amount of time that they live with you.
  • Child Support: Children who do not live with you are not included when we assess your living expenses. However, if you pay child support that expense will be considered when we calculate your expenses.
  • Having children may affect/determine your student category. There is a specific category for Single Parent Students.
  • Family size and family income are used to determine whether you qualify for the Canada Study Grant.
  • The maximum loan and grant amounts are the same for all students, however the program does include some grants specifically for students with dependants.
  • Information for students receiving Income Assistance or Employment Insurance can be found here.
  • There are some special considerations for Married/Common-Law Students
  • Some exceptional expenses related to caring for your children may allow you to appeal your initial assessment. If your appeal is successful, you may be eligible for more funding.