Students with Permanent Disabilities

The Student Assistance program offers more flexible limits for students with a permanent disability who might have trouble completing their school program within traditional timelines.

It also offers extra funding to students who might have exceptional expenses related to their disability.

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As a student with a permanent disability;

  • You have extra time to complete your program with the help of student assistance funding.
  • You can qualify as a full-time student with a smaller, more manageable course load. For University studies, a student with a permanent disability is considered full-time if they are taking 40% or more of a full course load.

  • You may qualify for extra funding that is specifically designed to help you pay for exceptional expenses related to your disability, such as transportation, specialized equipment, specialized textbooks, learning support services, and more.

  • We partner with Post-Secondary Accessibility Services to help you access disability-related resources that can help you succeed at school.

Before you Apply

If you plan to apply as a student with a permanent disability, there are several important things you should know before you apply.

Even if you don't think you'll have enough calculated financial need to qualify for a large amount of student loan funding, consider applying anyway. This could give you access to grant money to help you pay for the equipment and services that can help you succeed.

Eligibility questions & specialized help

Our partner organization, Post-Secondary Accessibility Services, can answer your questions about which disabilities qualify as a permanent disability under the student loans criteria. Contact them for more information about eligibility.

They can also help you access disability-related services or equipment and help you to navigate the process of documenting your disability and help you access the funding from student assistance disability grants.

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