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Nova Scotia Pharmacare

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Pharmaceutical Services

The Pharmaceutical Services branch of the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness manages all aspects of the Nova Scotia Pharmacare Programs, including:

  • Making decisions regarding access to cost effective drugs across the health care system, incorporating evidence and societal perspectives

  • Enabling the best utilization of drugs and therapies to support health outcomes

  • Monitoring how all Nova Scotians utilize drugs and conducting regular analysis and evaluation for improved health outcomes

  • Achieving best practices in legislation and policy for service and program delivery

  • Engaging with internal and external stakeholders to provide mentorship, advice, and policy on drug related activities, both provincially and nationally

Glossary of Common Terms

Download Glossary of Common Terms in PDF format

Pharmacare Program Legislation

The following legislation provides the authority and framework for the Nova Scotia Pharmacare Programs.

Fair Drug Pricing Act

Pharmacy Act

Prescription Monitoring Act