Family Pharmacare - Calculator

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Family Pharmacare - Calculator

Please enter your information in the boxes below to estimate your maximum annual family deductible and maximum annual family copayment amounts for the Family Pharmacare Program.

This information is strictly for your personal use and will not be recorded.


Family Pharmacare Calculator

Your Income:

Line 15000 (formerly line 150) of your CRA Notice of Assessment

Number of Dependants:

This includes your spouse and all children under the age of 18, if applicable.
Dependants Income: Total of each dependant’s Line 15000 (formerly line 150) of CRA Notice of Assessment.

When you pay for a prescription, 20% of the prescription price is considered the copayment.

The balance of the total prescription price is then applied to your deductible.

The deductible must be paid in full before you will start to pay only the copayment amount. Based on the information you provided, the amount you will have to pay out-of-pocket before you start to pay only the 20% copayment is:

Out-of-Pocket Expense:

Once your family has reached both the annual deductible and annual copayment amounts, the program will pay for 100% of your drug costs that are benefits under the Family Pharmacare Program.

To know if the drugs you are prescribed are eligible, you can check the Nova Scotia Formulary.




Family Pharmacare Program calculations are estimates only. Your family deductible and copayment will be provided by Pharmacare when you submit your registration form for the Family Pharmacare Program.

Prescription drugs must be a benefit of the Family Pharmacare program in order to be counted towards out of pocket expenses. Please refer to the Nova Scotia Formulary or the Q & A on Benefits and Reimbursements for more information.