Manufacturer Price Change Requests

Nova Scotia Pharmacare

Manufacturer Price Change Requests

Manufacturer price change requests are to be submitted annually by the end of January and may be published and effective as of April 1st.

Price Change Form (Excel)

Submissions must include:

  • A completed Excel version of the Price Change Form.
  • A completed PDF version of the Price Change Form.
  • A summary of the current list price(s) in every other Canadian jurisdiction, including Quebec.
  • Please identify any patented drugs (if applicable). Nova Scotia uses the PMPRB CPI-Based Adjustment factor as the allowable base percentage for patented drug increases.
  • Please email all the above to: and

A price decrease can be implemented at any time, with sufficient notice for publication.

Manufacturers are responsible for implementing price changes through wholesale/distribution networks. Nova Scotia reimburses at list price and not wholesale price.