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Family Pharmacare Program

The Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare Program is a provincial drug insurance plan designed to help Nova Scotians with the cost of their prescription drugs. The Program offers protection against drug costs for families who have no drug coverage or if the cost of the prescription drugs becomes a financial burden to them. The Program is available to all Nova Scotians with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card.


The Family Pharmacare Program helps cover the costs of certain prescribed drugs, supplies and related services that are indicated as benefits in the Nova Scotia Formulary.


To be eligible for the Family Pharmacare Program, you must:

  • Be a resident of Nova Scotia with a valid Nova Scotia Health Card
  • Agree to family income verification through Canada Revenue Agency each year
  • Agree to provide family size information each year

A resident who meets these criteria is not eligible for benefits under the Family Pharmacare Program if they are receiving drug coverage through the:

  • Nova Scotia Seniors’ Pharmacare Program,
  • Under 65-Long Term Care Pharmacare Plan, or
  • Any Nova Scotia Department of Community Services Pharmacare Benefits


Each family is required to complete only one Registration Form. For the purposes of the Family Pharmacare Program, a family is:

  • A single adult (age 18 years or older whether or not you are living with your parents)
  • An adult and spouse (a spouse is a person who is married to you or with whom you are living in a marriage-like relationship. A spouse may be of the same gender).
  • An adult and all dependant children (a dependant child can only be registered with one family at any given time). A dependant child is defined as follows:
    • A child or a legal ward of you or by your spouse
    • Supported by you or your spouse
    • Younger than 18 years of age
    • Not married and not living in a marriage-like relationship
  • An adult, spouse, and all dependant children


There is no premium or fee to join the Family Pharmacare Program. If you do not need any prescriptions, you will not be required to pay anything.

All beneficiaries who are enrolled in the Family Pharmacare Program will be required to pay a part of the cost of certain prescription drugs and devices covered under the Program. The Program has annual family copayment and deductible maximums that are set depending on a family’s size and annual income.

For more information, please see the Family Pharmacare Program – Information Booklet. Specific questions about individual situations can be answered by calling toll-free 1-877-330-0323.

Family Pharmacare Program – Calculator

Calculate an estimate of your family deductible and copayment amounts for the Nova Scotia Family Pharmacare Program.

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Family Pharmacare Program – Information Booklet

See our Information Booklet for more detailed information related to the Family Pharmacare Program, including: more on eligibility, enrolment, and cost; how the Program works; and what you should know if you also have private drug coverage insurance.

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Family Pharmacare Program – Questions and Answers

Find answers to common questions about the Family Pharmacare Program.

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Family Pharmacare Program – Registration Form

Use this form to register you and/or your family in the Family Pharmacare Program.

Download Family Pharmacare Program – Registration Form in PDF format

Benefits and Reimbursement

Read common questions and answers to frequently asked questions about Pharmacare Program benefits and reimbursement.

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