Protocol and Honours Secretariat Mandate

1. Organizes the official visits of:

  • Members of the Royal Family
  • Governor General
  • Heads of State and Heads of Government
  • Ambassadors and High Commissioners
  • Consuls General
  • Parliamentarians
  • Foreign Ministers

2. Organizes the Installation Ceremony for:

  • Lieutenant Governor

3. Organizes the Swearing In ceremonies for:

  • Members of the Executive Council

4. Organizes official events on behalf of the Government

  • State Funerals and Commemorative Services
  • Royal Jubilees
  • Receptions, Lunches, Dinners
  • Conferences

5. Provides assistance to government departments in:

  • Organizing conferences
  • Acting as committee member
  • Official government events, i.e., sod turnings, official openings

6. Flags and Half-Masting:

  • Provides direction on half-masting of flags
  • Advice on flag protocol
  • Lending flags to government Departments and agencies

7. Provides assistance to the Consular Corps in Nova Scotia:

  • Organizing gatherings
  • Facilitate trade, business and educational meetings
  • Assist with visits by Ambassadors and High Commissioners

8. Provides service to the public by offering advice on:

  • Official openings
  • Event management
  • Styles of address
  • Flag protocol
  • General protocol

9. Administers the Order of Nova Scotia and honours policy:

  • Receives nominations
  • Organizes Advisory Council meetings
  • Organizes investiture ceremonies
  • Direction on the wearing of Orders, Decorations and Medals