International Relations


As a province that has a long tradition of trade and exports, the Province is continuously looking to new economic opportunities to help stimulate Nova Scotia’s growth and success in global markets. To accomplish this, IGA works directly with foreign governments to promote Nova Scotia’s position in the world and to facilitate Nova Scotia businesses selling their expertise, skills and goods internationally. 

To this end, IGA often plays a support role with other provincial departments in coordinating international relations; organizing government-to-government meetings that help lay a path for successful trade missions and business developments; and by selling Nova Scotia government-knowhow to other countries in areas where it is a recognized international leader.

Furthermore, it is recognized that the State and provincial governments have a critical role to play in strengthening Canada-US relations. Nova Scotia's proactive involvement with such mechanisms as the Conference of New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers (NEG/ECP), the Southeastern US-Canadian Provinces Alliance (SEUS) and the Council of State Governments-Eastern Regional Conference (CSG/ERC) ensures that its interests are promoted and protected with these important US trading partners.

Through these kinds of actions IGA contributes to improvements in the competitiveness of Nova Scotia’s businesses and workforce, and to elevating Nova Scotia’s business image within the international business, government and diplomatic communities.