Interprovincial Relations


There are two key forums dedicated to improving and maintaing interprovincial relationships.

The Council of the Federation (COF) was created in December 2003 as a forum for provinces and territories to strengthen interprovincial-territorial cooperation, improve federal provincial territorial relations and provide leadership on intergovernmental issues. Premiers of each province and territory are members of the council.

The Council of Atlantic Premiers (CAP) was created in May 2000 to strengthen the economic competitiveness of the region, improve the quality of public services to Atlantic Canadians; improve the cost-effectiveness of delivering public services to Atlantic Canadians and to promote Atlantic Canadian interests on national issues. CAP's work builds on the ongoing work of the Council of Maritime Premiers (CMP) and the Conference of Atlantic Premiers.

Premiers' statements on health care costs and funding

The Council of the Federation, made up of Canada's provincial and territorial premiers, has released 2 statements on health care costs and funding.

Health Care Cost Drivers in Canada: Pre- and Post-COVID-19

Premiers Seek to Confirm Meeting with the Prime Minister on the Canada Health Transfer