Mission and Mandate


Mission Statement

To provide leadership in the development of corporate strategies for Nova Scotia’s relations with governments and organizations.

Core Businesses

  1. Coordinate and develop the overall intergovernmental strategy of the Nova Scotia government, to ensure a corporate approach to other governments and to ensure that the results of negotiations with the government of Canada and other governments address Nova Scotia’s needs and priorities.
  2. Enhance Nova Scotia’s image and diplomatic, cultural, and economic ties abroad with direct responsibilities for managing the province’s International Relations and delivering protocol functions.
  3. Increase awareness and understanding, both within the Nova Scotia government and in other governments, of this province’s position relative to key intergovernmental issues.

Sectoral Responsibilities

Intergovernmental Affairs works closely with line departments to preserve and promote the province’s interests in various sectors where relations with other governments are concerned. The department’s key role is to identify the province’s corporate intergovernmental priorities and to ensure that they are factored into the intergovernmental relations of line departments.
Research, analysis, development, coordination, and promotion from a central agency perspective of the province’s intergovernmental relations in Canada.

Research, analysis, development, coordination, and promotion from a central agency perspective of the province’s intergovernmental economic and fiscal initiatives.

Research, analysis, development, and promotion of Nova Scotia’s intergovernmental policies, and in particular for strategic advice to departments on the government’s Federal-Provincial Strategy and the definition of position statements.

Research, analysis, development, coordination and promotion of the Province’s International Relations.

Research, analysis, and strategic advice to departments and agencies regarding the constitutional and international law aspects of their relations with other governments.

Strategic advice and administrative and communications support to the Minister of Military Relations and advice to departments and agencies in their relations with the military.

Responsible for the organization of official visits of members of the Royal Family and special events on behalf of the government; provision of congratulatory messages for special events as well as consulting services to government agencies, non-government organizations, and the general public; administration of the Order of Nova Scotia Program.