Code of Practice Content : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Health and Safety

Section 66 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act states as follows:

Power to require code of practice:
(1) The Director may, in writing, require an employer to establish a code of practice or adopt a code of practice specified by the Director.
(2) A code of practice established or adopted pursuant to subsection (1) may be revised or required to be revised from time to time by the Director.

In general terms, when ordered under Section 66, a code of practice should include the following items:

  1. A description of the project/work
  2. An analysis of the project/work from a health and safety perspective
  3. A description of the person power, equipment and materials to be used
  4. A step by step description of the work procedures that will be used
  5. Information on the control measures that will be used
  6. Information on the safety measures that will be used
  7. A description of the responsibilities of the various workplace parties as they relate to the health and safety of the project/work
  8. If explosives are to be used, the background, certification level and experience of all parties involved with explosives
  9. Notifications proposed
  10. Contingency plan
  11. Where there are other parties at the workplace, an indication that the other parties are aware of any health and safety impacts the project/work may have on them and that the other parties have no objection to the project/work proceeding
  12. Any other information that is relevant to the healthful and safe performance of the project/work

The Department of Labour reserves the right to add to these requirements when the nature of the project/work so requires.