Forms : NS Labour and Advanced Education, Health and Safety


Appeal of A Decision, Order, or Administrative Penalty

Effective October 1, 2014 all appeals will be directed to the Labour Board. Please go to Labour Board Forms (2nd last from the bottom)

Compliance Notice - Form 401
-Used to submit a Compliance Notice (in response to an order).
Form 401 pdf (PDF: 112k)
Form 401 MS Word

Complaint of Discriminatory Action - Form 503
-Used to make a discriminatory action complaint to the Occupational Health and Safety Division.
-Note, this form is not to be used for a Discriminatory Action Appeal (the form required for the appeal is found on the Labour Board website, second from bottom).

Form 503 MS Word

Form 503 (pdf)

Deviation Application - Form 301
-An application to deviate from a regulation as provided in Section 83(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Form 301 (pdf)
Form 301 MS Word

Specialized Blast and Special Case Blast Written Work Procedure Template - Form 1101
-This is a template application for specialized blasting or a special case blast.
Form 1101 pdf (PDF: 147k)
Form 1101 MS Word