Occupational Health and Safety Education Trust Fund

The Occupational Health and Safety Education Trust Fund supports sectors, workplaces and organizations in creating a strong and sustained safety culture. The fund supports education, training, promotion and other activities to build awareness and knowledge of occupational health and safety, reduce the risk of injury and build positive workplace safety cultures.

Funding for the program comes from fines and court-ordered payments for violations of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations.

Eligibility and application criteria 

All Nova Scotia organizations interested in influencing and improving occupational health and safety can apply .

When you apply, we’ll consider:

  • overall clarity of your proposal
  • clear objectives with expected outcomes and results
  • defined target audience
  • clear and realistic timelines
  • detailed budget and financial plan
  • your performance on previous applications
  • sustainability and long-term impact of the project

How to apply

Complete the application form and submit it by email to ohstrustfund@novascotia.ca. You can apply at any time. Use the reference guide to help prepare your application.

Application form: Occupational Health and Safety Education Trust Fund (PDF 177 kb)

We’ll review your application within 30 days and let you know by mail whether your proposal has been approved for funding.

If you’re selected for funding, you’ll need to complete the Interim Activity and Financial Report and Final Activity and Financial Report.

Interim Activity and Financial Report (PDF 143 kb)
Final Activity and Financial Report (PDF 151 kb)


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