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Data Description

  • Forest Interpretation (Cycle 1)
    A snapshot of Nova Scotia's forest inventory database after the first complete photo interpretation cycle. This data reflects ground condition at the time of photo capture. Photography years: 1985-1993
  • Forest Interpretation (Cycle 2)
    This version of the forest inventory reflects changes in the ground condition from Cycle 1. This data is largely based on aerial photography and contains minor updates from additional sources. Photography years: 1994-2004
  • Current Forest Data (Cycles 2, 3 and 4 with additional updates)
    This version of the forest inventory is a combination of Interpretation Cycles 2, 3 and 4 with additional updates based on satellite imagery and field data in Halifax East. This data is dynamic and different areas of the province are in different stages of completion. This version of data is updated as work in individual counties is completed. Photography years: 1992-Present. All counties now contain VOLUME, BASAL AREA and AVERAGE DIAMETER attribute data. Please refer to the metadata for more information.

Additional Resources

  • View metadata
  • Refer to the Forest Inventory Availability map for more information on the timeframe of the data. Please note that, on the map, photography years not followed by an asterisk (*) have not yet been released. Check the "Status of Updates" label item to determine what stage of completion the data is currently in.
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