Growth and Yield Model

Over 1,300 Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) have been established in silvicultural research trials and monitored for over 40 years in Nova Scotia’s managed forests by the Timber Management Group. PSP's have been established in plantations, pre-commercial, commercial thinnings, selection harvests, shelterwoods and irregular shelterwoods in a variety of forest types and locations on private and Crown land throughout the province. Data from this research is used to develop the Nova Scotia Growth and Yield Model. The model is an empirical, stand-level, single-species model that is site specific and applicable to even-aged natural and managed stands for dominant softwood and hardwood species in the province. It can be used to develop silvicultural treatment guidelines and to determine the sustainability of forest management programs by being incorporated into forest level analyses.


Nova Scotia Growth and Yield Model - version 3.0 (Zip 863KB)

Nova Scotia Growth and Yield Model - 2008 version (Zip 2.6MB)

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