Timber Management

Download the Growth and Yield Model

Over 1,000 Permanent Sample Plots (PSPs) have been monitored for up to 30 years in managed forests by the Timber Management Group (map). PSP's have been established in plantations, pre-commercial and commercial thinnings and selection harvests in a variety of forest types and locations on private and crown land throughout the province. Data from these plots are utilized to develop Nova Scotia's Growth and Yield Model for both softwood and hardwood species. This model predicts the yields from our forest stands when managed. It can be used to develop silvicultural treatment guidelines and to determine the sustainability of our forest management programs by being incorporated into forest level analyses. A forest manager could use the model, for example, to compare the growth and yield over time for a red spruce stand thinned to tree spacings of 1.8 metres compared to 2.4 metres.

This model has been updated to include hardwood species and commercial thinning of softwoods that have been previously pre-commercially thinned. This model is now available for download along with a technical description for Hardwoods and Softwoods and a user manual.

Installation instructions:
Unzip the archive provided and follow the steps given in the Readme.txt file to install the program for Windows operating systems. You may require a utility such as Winzip to do this.

The Department of Natural Resources and the Province of Nova Scotia assumes no responsibility for losses or damages relating to the use of this software. Please refer comments to the Timber Management Group


Trials Established in Commercial Thinned Softwoods

  • Additional trials have been established to determine the growth impacts of commercial thinning in softwood stands that have been established in plantations (map). Concerns over the success of Commercial Thinning operations have prompted the initiation of surveys. For example the impact of Balsam Wooly Aldegid infestations on the ability of Balsam Fir stands to respond to Commercial Thinning were examined. E-mail for more information.

The Accuracy of Honer's Volume Tables

  • Stem analysis data have been examined to determine the applicability of Honer's Standard volume tables to managed stands. E-mail to request a copy of the draft-version of this analysis.