Timber Management

Pre-Treatment Assessments (PTA)

PTA’s are a vital part of Nova Scotia’s Natural Resource Strategy. They are required to gather the necessary information to prescribe an ecosystems based management prescription. Using Nova Scotia Forest Management Guides.

To help implement PTA’s, the following tools are availiable.

  • Nova Scotia’s Forest Management Guide
  • A Windows XP/7/8/10 program has also been developed that aids in the field data collection and automates the compilations required for the management keys.

Download Wind Exposure Data - Download a provincial raster dataset (stored within an ESRI File Geodatabase), along with a layer file (.lyr) of the standard wind exposure symbology and an ArcMap MXD containing the data and symbology for use with ArcMap 10.2.x and greater.

Download FEC Soil Type Data in Shapefile (700 mb zip file) or ESRI File Geodatabase (500 mb zip file) format



View the FEC Soil Type and Wind Exposure data online in the  Pre-Treatment Assessment Reference Viewer

To be notified of updates to the PTA program email: Tim McGrath at

PTA image