Hardwood Management

The hardwood timber resources in Nova Scotia have traditionally been underutilized. With an increase in markets for hardwood sawlogs and low grade products there is renewed interest in management of our hardwood resource. Hardwood management requires unique techniques, often different than those required for softwood management. There is an increased importance on identifying quality stems for use in producing high value saw and veneer logs to achieve high returns. Management techniques tailored to improving this resource are critical to its sustainability, especially in producing high valued products.

News and Current Information

Inventory of Sawlog Potential Hardwoods

  • An inventory of the hardwood resource broken down by sawlog quality is now available by region and landowner type. This inventory is also netted to show volumes inaccessible because of land protection and extreme slopes.View the report.

Silviculture Trials to Produce Quality Sawlogs

  • Trials have been established to test the ability of Crop Tree Release, Single Tree and Group Selection Harvesting and Pre-commercial Thinning to produce quality sawlogs. E-mail for more information on these trials.

Tolerant Hardwood Management Guide

  • This guide prescribes silviculture based on stand and site conditions. It incorporates recommendation for lesser known techniques such as crop tree release and selection management. Click to view.