FEC Timber Management Interpretations

Forest practitioners are moving towards a more holistic approach to timber management with the sustainability of the forest ecosystem being a critical objective. Timber Management guides are being developed that design appropriate treatments based on vegetation and soils types identified in the provincial Forest Ecosystem Classification (FEC) . Timber management prescriptions specific to these ecosystems are being developed to take into account the unique characteristics of ecosystems. Inventorying a stand for ecosystem attributes including soils can help to determine blow down hazard level when considering partial harvest. By examining and inventorying these conditions, more successful treatments can be prescribed.


Tolerant Softwood/Mixedwood Guides to Incorporate Soil Attributes

  • The softwood guides under development will incorporate FEC soils types to evaluate blow down hazard when considering partial harvest prescriptions.E-mail to request a draft version of this report.

Competition Hazard Interpretations

  • Surveys are being planned to identify reforestation competition. This information will be used to develop competition hazard interpretations for various ecosystems to help managers plan effective treatments to minimize the use of herbicide. Request more information on these surveys.