About the Land Administration Division

The Land Administration Division is responsible for

  • increasing the provincially owned land base to support the Province's environmental, economic and recreational goals and priorities
  • optimizing the way Nova Scotia’s Crown lands are used and managed through sound planning and management of the land that has not been allocated for forestry, recreation or wildlife management values
  • disposing of Crown land or interests in land as authorised
  • working with and supporting other government departments on initiatives that impact on Crown land and developing resources, such as tidal and wind energy, agriculture, communications, etc.
  • providing legal authority for activities on Crown land and for designations of use of Crown and protected lands
  • working with stakeholder groups to identify priorities for Crown land use and management, including conservation groups on behalf of Nova Scotia Environment
  • providing high quality and timely client service

The work involved in managing these responsibilities is handled by two sections within the Division:

  • Crown Land Disposals and Coastal Permits Section
    The role of this Section is to manage interests in Crown land by considering applications and preparing legal documentation to approve various uses of Crown land, including coastal waters and fisherman’s reserves and when authorized, selling small amounts of Crown land. It also disposes of land to the federal government as well as other provincial government departments. The Section also prepares documentation for designations of beaches, parks and trails involving privately owned land as well as Crown land. The Section works with the Department of Energy on tidal power matters.
  • Acquisitions and Leases Section
    This Section is responsible for purchasing land directly from private land owners or with the assistance of conservation organizations. The Section acquires land from the federal government as well as other government departments. It also acquires land which has been identified in the tax roles as having no owner (using provisions in the Municipal Government Act). The Section also manages interests in Crown land by considering applications to lease Crown land for a variety of activities including:
    • wind energy generation
    • utilization by non-profit organizations and municipalities,
    • agricultural and peat land development
    • removal of unauthorized structures
    • Communication towers

The section is also responsible for designation and administration of Land Titles Clarification Act areas and claims associated with those areas.