Selling Your Land to the Province of Nova Scotia

The Department of Natural Resources maintains a portfolio of land parcels that the province has an interest in buying to complement the values of the programs administered by Natural Resources, Nova Scotia Environment, and the Office of Aboriginal Affairs. For example, we are interested in buying land that supports natural resource management goals, increases opportunities for outdoor recreation, or furthers biodiversity and conservation values. High quality forested lands, wetlands, islands and coastal property, and habitat for endangered or rare species are all high priorities.

Note that we have limited funds available each year to buy land.

How to sell land to us

You can apply online or download an application form from our website.

To be in a position to sell land to the province on short notice, make sure that your land has been migrated into the land registration system.

Our process

We review land being offered to the province for purchase to ensure that the land will support and enhance departmental programs and values. We consider how the land supports our departmental values, such as geology and minerals, forestry, parks and recreation, wildlife, biology, and boundary line reduction.

If we are interested in your land, we will add it to our land acquisition portfolio of potential purchases — this does not guarantee that the province will buy the land, only expresses our interest.

Each year we

  • identify listed parcels that support our current goals and priorities
  • allocate funding—if you are interested in selling your land to the province, you must be prepared to wait until funding is available
  • seek the approval of the Minister or Cabinet to buy the land


It may take years for your parcel of land to be selected for purchase. It may also happen quickly, if funding becomes available on short notice and your land has been migrated into the land registration system.

pdf icon Download the brochure on selling land to the Crown