Orders of Surveys

The Surveys Division coordinates all survey activities on lands administered by the Department of Natural Resources, theCrown lands. The Crown Lands Act states that the boundaries of Crown lands may only be surveyed if a surveyor first obtains an order of survey from the Director of Surveys at the Department of Natural Resources. As well, no one is permitted to survey any boundaries touching or bordering Crown lands without first advising the Director of Surveys.

An Order of Survey is prepared for each survey request. This document outlines the title of the survey project, who is authorized to conduct the survey and any specific instructions that may be necessary, such as who to contact on site or where to obtain additional information about the project. Information, such as previous survey notes, plans, documentary material, aerial photographs, topographic maps, which relate to the land to be surveyed, is also included in the Order of Survey package. All other information must be obtained by the land surveyor who is completing the work outlined in the Order of Survey. Receipt of an Order of Survey by the land surveyor constitutes authority to proceed with the survey. Turn around time for an Order of Survey package is normally 10 working days.

The Surveys Division of the Department of Natural Resources follows the same basic standards for land surveying as set out in the Regulations pursuant to the Land Surveyors Act. In addition to the Regulations the department has certain procedures for staff and private surveyors to follow for survey work carried out on Crown land. All survey work must be done under the supervision and direction of a qualified Nova Scotia land surveyor.