Military Relations - Project Support

In recognition of the important role the military plays in Nova Scotia’s society and economy, the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs offers support to community groups and organizations that work to enhance and support military activities across Nova Scotia.

Program Parameters are:

  • Funding will support programs, services and awareness of the military in Nova Scotia.
  • The program budget is funded from and based on the annual budget allocation of the Department of Intergovernmental Affairs.
  • The program can be used to support one-time, project specific activities; multi-year or core operating funding requests will not be considered.
  • Projects should demonstrate multiple revenue streams and the Province’s support should be a minority of the overall projects revenue stream.
  • Applications can be submitted throughout the year.
  • Requests for funding must be made in writing, stating the intended use of the funds (an application form is available upon request).

Some of the groups and organizations supported to date, include

  • DND Family Days 2017 – $4,900
  • Maritime Helicopter Squadron 75th Anniversary – $2,000
  • Mainland South Heritage Society – $4,000
  • Cobequid Veterans Memorial Park – $2,300
  • Maple Grove and Yarmouth High Schools Memorial Club – $4,900
  • St. James Cemetery Committee, Sambro, NS – $3,100
  • Greater Hammonds Plains Lucasville Memorial Committee – $4,900
  • The Cobequid Veterans Memorial Park Committee – $4,900
  • The Juno Centre Beach Centre Association – $4,950
  • The Maple Grove/Yarmouth High Schools Memorial Club – $4,800
  • The Pictou County Military Museum and Heritage Association – $4,600
  • The Port Hawkesbury Veterans Memorial Park Society – $4,000
  • Veterans Emergency Transition Services Canada (Nova Scotia Team) – $4,800
  • DND Family Days 2016 – $4,900
  • Canadian Association of Veterans in United Nations Peacekeeping – Major General Lewis Mackenzie Chapter - $1,500

To learn more about funding opportunities for military related activities and projects, please contact:

Department of Intergovernmental Affairs
5th Floor, Duke Tower
Halifax, NS   B3J 1P3
Phone: 902-424-5153
Fax: 902-424-0728