Joint Review Of East Coast Forensic Hospital's Community Access Privilege

On April 16, 2012, a patient of the East Coast Forensic Hospital failed to return following the provision of community access privileges. In light of this event, the Departments of Justice and Health and Wellness and the Capital District Health Authority conducted a joint review of the community access privileges granted by the East Coast Forensics Hospital to Not Criminally Responsible (NCR) patients and the processes of the Nova Scotia Criminal Code Review Board.

The review found that Criminal Code Review Board practices were in keeping with the Criminal Code of Canada. The review also found that the Standards for Mental health services in Nova Scotia are appropriate and consistent with national best practices.

The review also identified areas for improvement and makes 18 recommendations to strengthen the forensic mental health system in Nova Scotia.

Read the full joint review report (PDF).

Read the six-month progress update (PDF).

Read the ECFH Review 1-year update (PDF).