Security Programs Office

The Department of Justice, Security Programs, licenses and regulates the private security and private investigative industry in accordance with the Private Investigators and Private Guards Act. The private security industry is regulated to ensure the interests of the public are adequately served and protected.

The Department of Justice, Security Programs, appoints and regulates provincial civil constables (process servers) in accordance with the Police Services Act and special constables and by-law enforcement officers in accordance with the Police Act. Select an item from the following list for more information:


Private Investigator and/or Private Guard

These forms are now in "fillable" PDF formats. You can complete the forms online by typing directly into the document, then print (on your local printer) and submit as indicated.

Private Guard/Private Investigation Business - Nova Scotia

List of currently licensed private guard, armed guard and private investigation businesses in the Province of Nova Scotia (PDF) (PDF).

Private Guard/Private Investigator Business Forms

Provincial Civil Constables

To confirm whether an individual holds a valid provincial civil constable appointment in Nova Scotia, please contact the Private Security Office.

Complaints/Unlicensed Activity

The Department of Justice, Security Programs, investigates complaints regarding the security industry and provincial civil constables. If you have a complaint, please contact the Security Programs Compliance Officer at (902) 424-0859, (902) 424-8987, or toll free 1-888-760-5577(anywhere in Canada). Please note, all official complaints must be submitted in writing.


For questions or inquiries regarding applications, the application process, or the status of an application or license, please contact this office by mail, phone (902)424-2905, or toll free 1-888-760-5577 (anywhere in Canada), or email.

For additional information on private security licencing requirements and provincial civil constables visit the Nova Scotia Permits Directory.