Victim Request for Information


Correctional Services will provide information as described below to victims of crime, a victim’s parent, guardian, spouse, child or other person acting on behalf of the victim who submit requests for information to assist them in developing safety plans or taking other action the victim deems necessary.

Request From Victim

Victims of crime may complete a Request for Information: Victim of Crime form, to obtain information respecting the

  • correctional facility in which an individual is incarcerated
  • transfer of an individual between correctional facilities
  • transfer of an individual between a correctional facility and a penitentiary
  • date and condition of any unescorted conditional release of the individual in custody
  • application for parole by an individual in custody
  • individual’s earliest release date from custody
  • conditions associated with supervision by the Correctional Services Division after the individual’s release from custody
  • individual’s plans and intended destination upon release from custody

Upon receipt of a completed and signed Request for Information: Victim of Crime form, Correctional Services will forward a letter to the victim providing the requested information.