Civil Forfeiture Grant Program

The Civil Forfeiture Office works to remove profits from unlawful activity by taking away the proceeds from, and assets used in criminal activity to reinvest them in community-based support programs for victims of crime and crime-prevention initiatives.

The Civil Forfeiture Grant Program provides one-time funding to organizations that support eligible victims of crime and targeted crime prevention initiatives across Nova Scotia. The Program is funded from the disposition of forfeited property seized by law enforcement agencies.

Who can apply

  • local governments
  • community-based not-for-profit organizations
  • schools and school districts
  • health authorities
  • academic institutions
  • law enforcement agencies
  • Indigenous organizations
  • African Nova Scotian organizations
  • organizations supporting marginalized communities

Individuals are not eligible to apply.

What projects are eligible

  • projects that support eligible victims of crime
  • crime prevention initiatives

How to apply

  1. Review detailed program criteria in the Nova Scotia Civil Forfeiture Grant Program Guidelines (PDF)
  2. Complete the funding application.
  3. Check the application for details including all required supporting documents.
  4. Send your completed application and supporting documents by email or mail.


There is no cost to apply.

Application form

Nova Scotia Civil Forfeiture Grant Program Application (PDF)