Nova Scotia's forests are a mainstay of life. While the requirement to provide wood fibre to support our forest economy is still a primary concern, there is a need to sustain the quality and character of our forest resource and maintain a varied forest ecosystem.

Therein lies our challenge.

News and Current Information

Forest Biodiversity Science Advisory Committee

Independent Review of Forest Practices

State of the Forest Report 2017 Update

State of the Forest Report 2016. A comprehensive look at Nova Scotia’s forests.

Panuke Lake Harvest Review

Frequently Asked Questions Long Term Forestry Allocations

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Pre-Treatment Assessments (PTA) (Updated February 2018)

PTA’s are a vital part of Nova Scotia’s Natural Resource Strategy. They are required to gather the necessary information to prescribe an ecosystems based management prescription.


Forest Certification

Forest certification is a voluntary tool used to demonstrate sustainable and social responsibility.


Thoughts on Transforming the Forest Sector

Presentation by Don Roberts, Vice-Chairman, CIBC World Markets Inc. December 11, 2012


Community Forests

The province is supporting small communities in Nova Scotia to provide jobs and opportunities in the forestry sector by accepting expressions of interest in setting up Community Forests.


Natural Resources Strategy - Future of Nova Scotia's Forestry


Clear Cutting Definition

• Modelled Potential Species Distribution for Current and Projected Future Climates for the Acadian Forest Region of Nova Scotia
(January 2010)

In 2007 research was undertaken into potential impacts of climate change on forest site conditions that influence tree species distributions in Nova Scotia. The Research was lead by University of New Brunswick professor, Dr. Charles Bourque. Using growing degree days and soil water content in combination with a 'middle-of-the-road' climate change scenario (ISA92a), twelve native species were assessed for changes to their potential distribution, projected in 30-year time slices to the year 2100. Click to View


• State of the Forest Report (April 2008)

A comprehensive look at Nova Scotia's forests in the first ever report of this type. Click to View


• Code of Forest Practice

The second component of the Code of Forest Practice entitled "Guidelines for Crown Land" is now available as a working paper intended for use by the department to implement forest management practices through the IRM planning process. It describes the general guidelines for ecosystem management, forest products, wildlife habitat and integrated forest use. Click to View