Learning Guide

The learning guide was developed in collaboration with a Mi'kmaw Advisory Committee to ensure that the activities provided are culturally relevant. The video, Wabanaki: People of the Dawn (Part One) provides a snapshot of the history and culture of the Mi'kmaq in Nova Scotia as revealed by the discovery of artifacts in the Mersey River area of Nova Scotia. It also begins to unravel the connection between the archaeological past and the lives of the Mi'kmaw as conveyed through oral history and traditions. The video gives us a glimpse of how the Mi'kmaq may have lived thousands of years ago and demonstrates the interconnectedness of the land and water with the lives of the Mi'kmaq.

Wabanaki: People of the Dawn Part I is a video resource that will be of interest and of use to students and teachers in Mi'kmaq Studies 10 and Canadian History 11. The video complements both the content of these courses and the inquiry approach inherent in all high school social studies courses in Nova Scotia. Depending on the approach taken, and on the context within which it is shown, the video may help address a number of different specific curriculum outcomes in Mi'kmaq Studies 10 and Canadian History 11. The video will not, by itself, address any one outcome. Combined with prior learning, however, and with additional activities and research (like the suggestions in this guide), teachers may use Wabanaki: People of the Dawn Part I to help address any one of a number of outcomes.

Click here to download the pdf version of the Wabanaki Learning Guide.