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In this section you will find a variety of resources that will provide you more information about the Mi'kmaq and other Aboriginal people in Nova Scotia and Canada.

Planting the Seed Series

The "Planting the Seed Series" is sharing and teaching about First Nation culture. The tree represents a symbol of life and began as a seed. As the seed gets nourished the more it will flourish. Like the tree of life, a person will also flourish when cultural nourishment is given. It helps to grow the individual, family, community and nation. The sharing of this information helps to plant the seed that leads to a life long journey of learning. Sharing - The First Nation Way.

First Nation Spirituality
Human Resources Guide
Orientation Guide

Mi'kmaq Resource Guide

The Mi'kmaq Resource Guide (4th edition) is a collaborative effort of the Confederacy of Mainland Mi'kmaq, the Union of Nova Scotia Indians and the Native Council of Nova Scotia. The Guide provides an overview of the history, culture and contemporary Mi'kmaq along with a variety of resources to help you explore these topics in more detail.

Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide

The Mi'kmaq Holdings Resource Guide is an electronic, online resource guide for archival and library materials held by Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, relating specifically to the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada.

Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection

The Nova Scotia Museum's, Mi'kmaq Portraits Collection is a database of more than 700 portraits and illustrations that provides a glimpse into the history of the Mi'kmaq of Atlantic Canada.

Museum Educational Kits

Learn about the lives of Nova Scotia's earliest peoples, including the ancestors of today's Mi'Kmaq. Kit contents feature videos, stories, historical documents, petroglyph tracings, artifact replicas, and natural materials. A reproduction Mi'kmaw woman's costume is also available by contacting Amy Coleman, Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History.

Mi'kmaq Resource Centre

The Mi'kmaq Resource Centre, part of the Mi'kmaq College Institute of Cape Breton University, contains a tremendous number of Mi'kmaq Resources. The Centre is a repository of documents available for use by : Cape Breton University Students, Mi'kmaw schools and educational institutions, Mi'kmaw social and cultural organizations, Mi'kmaw justice organizations and individuals interested in Mi'kmaw issues.

Mi'kmaq Services - Department of Education

Mi'kmaq Services provides leadership, direction and planning required for the development and implementation of policies, procedures, programs and services to ensure that Mi'kmaq Nova Scotians benefit from a fully supportive learning environment in the public schools. Information on this site includes teacher resources, publications, maps & statistics, scholarships, First Nation schools, and legislation.

Experience Drum - Mi'kmaq History

DRUM! represents the musical heartbeat of Nova Scotia. It is a spectacular musical production featuring 20 musicians, dancers, drummers, and singers from four principal cultures - Aboriginal, Black, Celtic and Acadian. For information it provides on the Mi'kmaq visit

Mi'kmaq Terminology


The Healthy Aboriginal Network

We create comic books on health and social issues for youth.