Aboriginal Perceptions Training

An understanding of the contemporary Aboriginal community is essential to our work as government employees and individuals. This workshop is designed to provide you with a practical, hands-on approach to working with Aboriginal People. Are you scared to say the wrong thing? Wish you knew more? This is the training for you.You can return to the workplace and put into practice what you've learned.

In this workshop, you'll recognize that our perceptions of the world affect how we view and work with Aboriginal people. You will also explore Aboriginal Perceptions and attitudes toward the non-Aboriginal Canadian view of society.


  • Examine current social and political state of Nova Scotia's Mi'kmaq people
  • Explore the historical context of Mi'kmaq people
  • Increase awareness of your personal perceptions and where they came from
  • Explore the difference in communication and language patterns between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people
  • Compare social and ethical values of Aboriginal people and Euro-Canadians
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Aboriginal Cultural Awareness: E-Learning Program offered by the Public Service Commision

Aboriginal Cultural Awareness is a four-unit program designed specifically for non-Aboriginal people who will be working with Aboriginal people. It introduces participants to the concept of cultural awareness and it presents participants with a view of Canadian history from an Aboriginal perspective.

In this modular e-learning session, participants will explore cultural awareness in the context of Nova Scotia's Mi'kMaq community. The modules are designed so that users may learn in a variety of mediums to suit their learning style and pace. Learners can sign on and access this training in any setting where internet access is available.

Please visit the Learnet website to register for either course. When you have the form completed and approved, please pass it along to your departmental Human Resources Representative or to Nova Scotia Public Service Commission, Innovation & Growth Division, 2nd Floor, One Government Place.