Civil Weddings

In Nova Scotia, civil wedding ceremonies can be performed by:

  • a Judge of the Family Court or Provincial Court
  • a Justice of the Supreme Court
  • a Staff Justice of the Peace
  • an Administrative Justice of the Peace

Civil weddings can be scheduled at a courthouse, or can take place outside of a courthouse.

Civil Weddings in Courthouses

If you want your ceremony to be performed in a courthouse, please contact your local Justice Centre.

Each courthouse has a designated marriage scheduler who will assist you and inform you of dates and times available. They can give you a fact sheet on courthouse weddings that will help you plan your ceremony.

Civil Weddings Outside of a Courthouse

If you would like your ceremony to be held in your home or some other location that is special to you, please contact a local Administrative Justice of the Peace.

Administrative Justices of the Peace are listed by county, but are authorized to perform ceremonies anywhere in the province of Nova Scotia.

Justices of the Peace will do their best to accommodate individual preferences to ensure that your important day is a memorable one. You should discuss your specific wishes and preferences for your wedding day with the Administrative Justice of the Peace who will be performing the ceremony beforehand.

Cost for a Civil Wedding

The cost for a civil wedding in a courthouse in Nova Scotia is established by the Nova Scotia Cost and Fees Act. Current information about the cost of a courthouse civil wedding can be provided by courthouse staff.

The cost for a civil wedding outside of a courthouse is $ 200. The cost for a wedding rehearsal (if required) is $ 100. The Administrative Justices of the Peace can also bill for expenses, if applicable, for mileage, parking, and tolls.

Applications for term appointments will no longer be processed.

Due to the large volume of qualified Administrative Justice of the Peace currently appointed, Applications for term appointments will no longer be processed at this time.

If you are currently appointed as a term Administrative Justice of the Peace, reappointments will be considered provided that four (4) months prior to the expiry of your term you provide a completed application package to the Administrative Justice of the Peace Coordinator of the following:

  • A completed application form for re-appointment
  • A current resume, two letters of reference and a current criminal records check
  • A cheque written to the Minister of Finance in the amount prescribed as the current fee listed under Section 1(14) “for commission for administrative justice of the peace” in the Costs and Fees Act Regulations

Applications for single wedding appointments will be considered provided applications are made at a minimum of four (4) months prior to the date of the ceremony.

Administrative Justice of the Peace

Marriage Licenses

You must obtain a marriage license prior to your wedding. The marriage license must be given to the person officiating at the ceremony, at least three days prior to the ceremony. Marriage licences are not issued by the courts. A list of where marriage licenses can be obtained is available at courthouses or following this link.


If you have any questions about the civil wedding program, please e-mail