FOIPOP Act Review

Amendments passed in November 1999 to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act required an advisory committee to be constituted within three years of passage (November 22, 2002). A previous advisory committee had been mandated by the legislation passed in 1993 and proclaimed July 1, 1994. The previous advisory committee reported in March of 1996. The N.S. Government introduced legislation in the fall of 1999 with passage and final proclamation of amendments on November 23, 1999. The legislation and policy changes implemented responded to many, if not most, of the recommendations in the Advisory Committee Report.


To begin a comprehensive review of the Act pursuant to Section 50 within one year of its appointment, and to provide a written report to the Governor in Council by March 31, 2004 with recommendations for amendment to the legislation and any additional designation of "public bodies" under clause 49(1)(f) of the Act. In conducting its review, and in making recommendations, the committee shall:

  • Consider Nova Scotia's experience with the Act in accordance with its stated purpose and any need for improvement to the legislation;
  • Identify and make recommendations on issues of interpretation with the current legislation;
  • Specifically review the adequacy of the privacy protection provisions of the legislation;
  • Examine recent legislative change and/recommendations for legislative change in other jurisdictions in Canada and consider their possible application to Nova Scotia; and
  • Publicly invite submissions.


The following individuals or organizations provided written submissions on their views about the legislation and changes that should be considered:

Meeting Minutes


Honorarium (25 meeting X $550)
Note: Three Committee members only; civil servants not paid honoraria

Travel (7 persons x 5 out of town meetings x $700)
Note: Includes travel costs of civil servants

Mileage - Out of town committee member (15 x $100)
Ad Requesting Submissions (Six NS Dailies)
Meeting expenses (food, beverage, room)
(15 x $100 plus 5 x $200)
Other (experts, out or province travel printing, postage, telephone, etc.)


Committee Members

Peter O'Brien, Chair; Keith Corcoran; Jim Meek; Susan Potts; and
William Wilson were the members of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act Advisory Committee.

The Report

The committee submitted its report on October 24, 2003 and on May 10, 2004 the government response to the committee's recommendation were tabled