On the Road: Highway Construction and Maintenance

The province paved or resurfaced more than 900 kilometres during 2012-13. A project status report on the 2012-13 provincial highway capital program is on page 23.

Since 2009, we have resurfaced more than 3,000 kilometres of paved road. In 2013-14, the province plans to resurface more than 700 kilometres of paved road.

The road building industry in Nova Scotia is a large source of jobs, creating an estimated 5,000 direct and 2,500 indirect positions every year. The annual pay roll for Nova Scotians employed in road building is approximately $300 million. For instance, a typical $2-million paving contract generates 60 direct jobs and about $200,000 worth of business for the trucking industry and spin-off benefits for local businesses that provide construction materials, metalwork/welding, engineering, electrical work and hazard removal.