Electronic logging devices

Electronic logging devices are equipment that help drivers accurately record their driving time.

Starting 12 June 2021, the Government of Canada is requiring federally regulated motor carriers and drivers of commercial buses and trucks who are currently required to maintain a daily paper log to switch to an electronic logging device.

Carriers that operate only in Nova Scotia and are not federally regulated do not need to install and use electronic logging devices at this time.

Implementation period

There will be a grace period to give drivers and carriers enough time to obtain and install devices and train people on how to use them. There will be no penalties during the grace period. Early enforcement measures will include education and awareness.

As announced by the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators on 5 May 2021, the Province of Nova Scotia plans to support the mandate through a progressive enforcement period without penalties until 12 June 2022.


Electronic logging device hardware and software, like smartphone apps, must be tested and certified by a third party accredited by Transport Canada.


Electronic Logging Devices (Transport Canada)


Manager, Training & Outreach - Doug Leamon
Training & Outreach Inspector - Ken Chisholm
Training & Outreach Inspector - Roderick Dykeman