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Department Business Plan

Department Performance Measures


Business Plan


Highway Customer Survey - Overall Highlights Reports









  • Chignecto Isthmus Climate Change Adaptation Comprehensive Engineering and Feasibility Study Executive Summary (PDF 8.8 MB)
  • Chignecto Isthmus Climate Change Adaptation Comprehensive Engineering and Feasibility Study Final Report (PDF 13.1 MB)

  • Port Competitiveness Report (PDF 870Kb)

  • Due Diligence Assessment of Plans for Second Berth at the Sydney Marine Terminal (PDF 3.7MB)
  • The Nova Scotia Transportation Sector: Global Market Challenges and Opportunities (PDF 3.7MB)
  • Segway Pilot Project Evaluation Report - April 29, 2016 (PDF)
  • Policy for Occupational Health, Safety and Environment Requirements for Contracted Construction and Maintenance Work
  • Low Posted Speed Limit Study (RSAC Report and Recommendations)
  • Pilot Testing Speed Limits Study 2016
  • Joseph Howe Building – Condition Assessment Report
  • Crosswalk Safety Task Force Final Report
  • Charting the Course: Atlantic Canada Transportation Strategy 2008-2018. (en français)
  • Aulds Cove Weigh-In-Motion Evaluation Report
  • 2006 Evaluation Report - Road Weather Information System
  • Standard Specification Manual - 2022
  • Highway Maintenance Standards Manual
  • Temporary Workplace Traffic Control Manual
  • Common Special Provisions
  • Traffic Control Person Training Manual
  • Traffic Volumes - Primary Highway System - 2011 to 2020
  • Traffic Volumes - Secondary Roads Book - 2011 to 2020
  • Contractor Safety Documentation: Pre-qualification Policy
  • Motor Vehicle Collision Statistics:




    2020 Fatality Statistics

    2019 Fatality Statistics

    2018 Fatality Statistics

    2017 Fatality Statistics

    2016 Fatality Statistics

    2015 Fatality Statistics

    2014 Fatality Statistics

    2013 Fatality Statistics

    2012 Fatality Statistics

    2011 Fatality Statistics

    Nova Scotia Road Safety Survey Highlights Reports




    Road Safety Vision 2010 Progress Report (2002)