Environmental Services

The Environmental Services Section acts on behalf of government with regard to the provincial road system (highway operations and maintenance). As well as sites for new schools, hospitals, and other public buildings and properties, including decommissioning of old buildings/sites. Staff are involved in a wide variety of projects including:

  • environmental site assessments,
  • environmental impact assessments,
  • environmental protection planning,
  • fish habitat, wetland and salt marsh restoration,
  • vegetation establishment, management and bioengineering,
  • development and promotion of environmentally-sound construction and maintenance practices,
  • prevention, assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites,
  • surveys of regulated building materials,
  • air, water quality and noise monitoring,
  • water supply development,
  • sewage treatment,
  • regulated chemical management,
  • building demolition and waste disposal/recycling,
  • environmental policy and program development,
  • training of government employees and contractors.