Design Services

The Building Design Group of the Department of Public Works provides professional Architectural and Engineering services throughout the design, construction, and inspection phases of new and renovated building projects.

  • Determining architectural, mechanical, electrical, energy and interior design scope requirements,
  • Establishing budgets and project schedules,
  • Building appraisals for code evaluations, accessibility, space requirements, structural, mechanical, electrical, and energy upgrade requirements,
  • DC350 - Design Requirements Manual maintenance and development,
  • Building site selection process, including property appraisals, land purchase options, environmental assessments, surveys, and related reports to client departments,
  • In-house design including, preparation of architectural, mechanical, electrical and interior design drawings and specifications,
  • Procurement and management of building design consultant services,
  • Drawing and specification reviews,
  • Communication with regulatory agencies on code updates, fire and safety certification,.
  • Construction contract tendering and award activities,
  • Construction inspection, project wrap-up, final inspections, functional performance testing.