Hwy 103 Twinning

Highway 103 is an important part of Nova Scotia's transportation system. The twinning from Upper Tantallon to Hubbards will bring this section of highway up to current standards, while improving safety and efficiency of the road. This phase is an extension of the twinning from Halifax to Tantallon, which was completed in 2006.

The project has 3 main components: the twinning of the highway, an interchange between existing exits 5 and 6, and a proposed road to connect the interchange and St. Margaret's Bay Road.

Currently, the project is at the Environmental Assessment stage. Studies are being conducted to gather information on such items of interest as the presence of wetlands, rare and endangered species, water courses, archaeological artifacts, property ownership, topology, socio-economic impact and recreational use.




Community Meeting - June 9, 2010.

Open House - March 10, 2011

A public consultation open house for the Hwy 103 Upper Tantallon To Hubbards Twinning Project was held at the Black Point Firehall on March 10, 2011, and attended by 243 local residents. On display were maps, displays and videos about the project, and members of the project team were on hand to answer questions directly.

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