Palliative Home Care

Continuing Care

Palliative Home Care

Palliative home care is compassionate end of life care which is provided to an individual who is terminally ill. The individual and/or his/her substitute decision maker have determined that treatment to extend their life is no longer the primary goal.

Palliative Home Care Services include:

  • Nursing (such as dressing changes, catheter care, intravenous therapy and palliative care)
  • Home Support (such as personal care, respite and housekeeping)
  • Palliative Home Care Medication Coverage Program

How much does Palliative Home Care cost?

The fee for home support services are based on your income therefore you may or may not be required to pay a fee for service. Nursing services are free. A Care Coordinator will advise you about any fees you may have to pay.

How do I access this service?

Call 1-800-225-7225 a Care Coordinator will set up an in home visit to complete a care assessment. If you already have a Care Coordinator, speak with him/her about this service.

Will I have to wait to get service?

Every effort is made to provide this service to you as quickly as possible.

Will someone check in on me while I receive Palliative Home Care?

A Care Coordinator will check in with you/substitute decision maker and your caregivers/service providers on an on-going basis. If your needs change, your services will change to reflect your care needs.

What if my needs exceed what Palliative Home Care can provide?

You may need to consider other service options. A Care Coordinator can help with these decisions, including determining whether long-term care is the right option for you.