Halifax Youth Attendance Centre

The Halifax Youth Attendance Centre (HYAC) is a collaborative, community based initiative of Correctional Services, in cooperation with key partners from the Nova Scotia Department of Education and Childhood Development, Nova Scotia Department of Community Services and IWK Youth Forensic Services. HYAC provides coordinated services and supervision to youth sentenced under the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA), by providing access to a range of evidence based programs and services. HYAC provides services, programs and supervision strategies for all Court sentenced youth in the HRM. HYAC also provides services to offenders aged 18-20 who are sentenced to adult Court Orders. HYAC has multiple partnerships with agencies and departments to facilitate collaboration and implementation of responsive risk assessments/case management plans for individuals involved in the criminal justice system. These services are provided in the community and onsite at Community Corrections field offices and are focused on individual case plans. HYAC is not a facility based day program for groups of youths, rather the approach taken involves engaging high value services and support to meet youth within the stages of change model reflecting their individual risk and needs.