What do I need to do in order to lease these Crown lands?

Apply for the use of Crown Lands

  • Go to the application form.
  • Complete Part 1 (Applicant Information) of the form.
  • Complete Part 2 (Type of Application) for a new activity related to Crown land and complete Section B (New Activity Related to Crown Land or to Buy, Sell, Donate or Exchange Land).
  • Complete Appendix B (Application to Lease Land from the Province) and attach a Development Plan.

What is a Development Plan?

A Development Plan clearly describes the activities proposed during the term of a lease. An approved Development Plan will be referenced in the lease agreement indicating what activities are authorized and when they will occur.

Please see Section 4 of the Guidelines for the Preparation of Crown Land Lease Applications to learn more on how to prepare a Development Plan.

When preparing the Development Plan, please note the following:

  • The Site Profile documents may include a Special Conditions section related to each particular site. Some examples of the conditions may include requirements for dealing with possible remnant infrastructure or other water resource protection measures. Make sure to describe how any applicable site specific special conditions will be addressed in your Development Plan.
  • The Site Profile documents also include a Site Access section. You will need to confirm in your Development Plan that site access, as described in the Site Profile document, is satisfactory. Please review the proposed access route and (if required) suggest alternate access arrangements.