Sugar Maple Production Opportunities

In February 2013, NR&R issued a public tender for the operation of sugar maple harvesting facilities on Crown lands in Cumberland and Colchester Counties. NR&R accepted a proposal for one of the tendered sites in the summer of 2013. The remaining three sites were not leased. Areas considered to have good potential were identified using the following selection criteria:

  • Tree height greater than 12 m;
  • Tree diameter at breast-height greater than 19 cm;
  • Sugar maple percentage greater than 40%.

The three remaining Crown land areas are now available for leasing on a first-come first-served basis. The initial lease agreement will be for a period of twenty (20) years with an option to be renewed for further twenty (20) years.

Click on the links below to review the Site Profile documents that include a detailed description (maps, photographs, site access information, special conditions, etc.) of each site: