Major Construction Projects for 2011-2012

Major Construction Projects   County
100 Series Expansion    
Highway 101; Coldbrook to Kingston, passing lanes   Kings
Highway 101; Margeson Drive Interchange   Halifax
Highway 104; Antigonish Phase 1, 1.9 km west of Exit 31A to 0.6 km west of Exit 34, (total 7.9 km) (Multiple Year Project)   Antigonish
Highway 104; Twinning 1 km east of Pine Tree Road to 500 m east of Route 245 (Multiple Year Project)   Pictou
Highway 125; Twinning Sydney River (Kings Road) to Grand Lake Road (Multiple Year Project)   Cape Breton
Construction 100 Series    
Highway 101; Mary Jane Riley Interchange   Annapolis
Highway 104; Canso Causeway supply and placement of guardrails   Inverness
Construction on Arterial and Collector    
Cabot Tail (Trunk 30), from 0.2 km North of Simeon Aucoin Road northerly to the Old Cabot Trail Road intersection - 6.5 km   Inverness
Cabot Tail (Trunk 30), from the 2009 Construction Joint southerly to the Little River Road - 6.2 km   Victoria
Trunk 4, from 0.3 km east of Lake Shore Drive West westerly to 0.2 km west of Campbell's Bridge - 6.1 km   Richmond
Trunk 16; from 3.8 km west of Fox Island Road easterly to Canso town line - 12.2 km   Guysborough