Improving Roads and Bridges

Nova Scotia is maximizing federal funds through federal cost-shared agreements such as the Building Canada Fund, and the Canada Strategic Infrastructure Fund to help improve infrastructure across the province

Funding partnerships are building better bridges in many communities, such as, Sydney River in Cape Breton Regional Municipality, East River in Sheet Harbour, Halifax Regional Municipality, Hume River in Victoria County and at Heatherton and Lower South River in Antigonish.

Transportation is a critical part of strengthening communities from one end of Nova Scotia to the other. The province will continue discussions with the federal government to extend twinning on Highway 103 and to complete Highway 101. Access to the Burnside Industrial Park will also be improved through the completion of the Burnside connector.

Examples of projects underway include:
  • Highway 104 Antigonish, which will make the TransCanada Highway safer, less congested and quicker
  • twinning Highway 125 in the Sydney River area
  • improvements to the Cabot Trail and Trunk 4 in Cape Breton
  • a new Highway 103 near Port Mouton
  • construction of interchange at Highway 103 Ingramport (Exit 5-6)