Highway Construction and Maintenance: A Look Back

The last three provincial highway budgets have been record-setting-totaling nearly $900 million.The department has paved over 1,300 kilometres in the past two years with another 500 kilometres planned in 2011-12.

The province has maximized federal stimulus funding. In fact, in 2010 the province committed 100 per cent of the federal stimulus dollars to infrastructure projects. Combined with provincial and municipal investments, a total of almost $230 million was committed to infrastructure projects, including many road and bridge projects. In 2009 the federal government allocated $104 million to Nova Scotia to complete infrastructure projects before March 2011.

The province and municipalities contributed about $126 million under the program. It should also be noted that although the federal funding contributions have declined, the provincial investment in highways has increased by $11 million. The total highway capital budget is $265 million in 2011-12-with an additional $80 million in operational funding allocated for highway maintenance improvements-meaning close to $350 million will be invested in Nova Scotia roads this construction season.