Highway 102 / 103 Interchange Upgrade and Structure Replacement

Project Description

The Nova Scotia Department of Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal has committed to the Highway 102/103 Interchange Upgrade and Structure Replacement project in the Halifax area.


The Highway 102 / 103 interchange structure, also known as the Prospect Road Interchange Overpass, was constructed in 1963 and is nearing the end of its service life. This interchange connects Highway 102 and Highway 103 and is a major junction in and out of the Halifax Peninsula. Located near the Bayers Lake Business Park, the interchange experiences average annual daily traffic (AADT) of approximately 30,000 vehicles per day on Highway 103 and 55,000 Vehicles per day on Highway 102. Highway 102 is part of the National Highway Core System and Highway 103 is designated as a National Highway Feeder Route serving the southwestern region of the province.

Project Description

The project includes the replacement of the existing Highway 102/103 interchange structure as well as improvements to the existing interchange configuration. The interchange will be upgraded to an improved configuration to increase capacity and allow for safer and more efficient movement of traffic. The project will include improving the alignment of the highway ramps to allow vehicles to travel at more appropriate speeds. The bridge and ramp configuration will also be designed and constructed to allow for future expansion plans of Highway 102 as recommended in the Bayers Road / Highway 102 Corridor Study conducted jointly for NSTIR and the Halifax Regional Municipality in 2008.

The new structure will be designed to last over 75 years and will be constructed adjacent to the existing bridge which will minimize traffic disruption to the motoring public on both Highway 103 and Highway 102. This will also eliminate the need for an expensive temporary structure as the existing interchange structure will remain in use during construction. The majority of the remaining work will take place primarily off line, allowing the existing interchange ramps to remain in operation until the new ramps and structure are completed. This configuration and phasing of construction will minimize the traffic disruptions to users of both Highway 103 and Highway 102.

View the interchange plan (PDF)

View an aerial view of the interchange plan (PDF)

Current Status (May 2018)

Detailed design is complete for the interchange and construction has begun with the clearing of trees and vegetation within the project footprint. Subgrade (earthworks) and bridge construction will begin Spring 2018 and will continue into 2019.

Final paving of the interchange is planned to take place in 2019 and the project is expected to be complete and open to traffic by the Fall of 2019.

Project Cost / Funding

The estimated total project cost is $20.0 million dollars. Federal Funding has been approved for the project under the New Building Canada Fund with Canada contributing up to $9.4 million of eligible costs.