Daytime Running Lights

Daytime Running Lights

What is the new law?

• Effective April 13, 2009, all vehicles on Nova Scotia roads will be required to use daytime running lights.

Why was it introduced?

• This legislation is part of our on-going legislative, enforcement and awareness initiatives to improve road safety in Nova Scotia.
• Daytime running lights have been shown to reduce daytime injury crashes by 3 to 10%.
• Some vehicle owners/operators may disable their daytime running lights, therefore not benefitting from this safety feature.

Will drivers be required to install daytime running lights?

• No, however, drivers of vehicles not equipped with daytime running lights will be required to use their low-beam headlights during daylight hours.

Are there any exceptions?

• Yes, antique vehicles are exempt. Antique vehicles may not have the necessary battery power for extended use of headlamps, and may do damage to original, hard-to-replace parts.

What are the penalties?

• $164.50 for a first offense, $222 for a second and $337 for third and subsequent offenses (includes the penalty, victim surcharge and out of court settlement costs.)

Daytime Running Lights Clarification

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